You've got $15,000 bucks to spend on a digital adoption plan - let's make sure we put it to good use.

why most cdap projects are a waste of time

(and how to get much more than a plan with your grant money)

Get $30,000 of value from your CDAP grant, at a cost of only $1,500 to you



You're busy as heck


more important things to worry about

Uncertain Returns

unclear on the value

You've got a lot on your plate. Running operations, serving customers, and managing the team all while trying to grow your business. Do you really need another thing to worry about?  Another thing to pay for a manage? The CDAP program is designed to help you get a plan to add more digital to your business. Let's be real, adding more tech to your business probably isn't the first thing on your mind. Getting a digital adoption plan would be nice, but it'll probably just sit in a drawer collecting dust while you're handling more important things.


You want more than just a plan - you want help with running and growing your business. Let's use this generous gift from the government to go beyond a plan and make real changes to your business. We've developed a CDAP approach that maximizes value, helps you run your business and limits the draws on your valuable time. Benefits of our approach include:

  •  Get a Digital Adoption Plan in 4-5 weeks that meets the requirements to receive CDAP funding (up to $15,000)
  • BONUS: Go beyond the plan by implementing an automated business dashboard to help run and grow your business (additional $13,500 in value) - MORE ON THIS BELOW
  • Feel more confident making decisions and removing bottlenecks
  • Know that you're getting the most value out of your grant 
  • No wasted time or money

we can guide you to a cdap project that's full of value

We've created over a dozen digital adoption plans for businesses across Canada. We know what works, what doesn't, and how to maximize time and value.


Our experienced team has been creating digital adoption plans for years. We've created a simple and effective process that generates awesome insights on your business with minimal draw on your time.



Because our process is so efficient, we have enough time and money to go beyond just a plan (let's be honest, it'll probably just sit in your desk anyways). We'll also help you create an automated business dashboard to help run and grow your business - more on this below!



Call us your friendly neighborhood business guide. We don't wear suits or use complex language. Instead, we take a more casual, conversation-style approach as we work to understand your business. If you like this style, check out our profiles below.


Schedule a call

Book a free call with us. On this call we'll want to learn more about your business, explain our process, and determine if it's a mutual fit to work together.


If everything feels right, we'll get started on building your CDAP plan. This process typically takes 4-5 weeks and will involve some meetings with you and your leadership team.


Here's where the fun really begins! Using what we've learned from your plan, we'll begin working with you to design, digitize, and deploy your automated business dashboard.

creating your digital adoption plan

Digital Adoption Plans are created by running four key assessments on your business. These include:

  1. Online Traffic - We take a look around at how you're showing up online. How are people finding you online? We'll dig into your authority score, organic & paid traffic, backlinks, organic keywords and more. Give us the names of 2 of your competitors and we'll see how you compare. 
  2. Leadership - What's the vision of your business? any goals and results out there that you're trying to meet? what challenges are you currently facing? These are the types of questions you'll hear from us as we meet with your leaders. Let's make sure the plan ties into your big picture.
  3. Operations - Together, we'll dig deep into the details of the business. We'll work with you to understand how your business operates front to back, top to bottom. We cover everything from strategy, to marketing, to finance and more. help us setup meetings with your managers and we'll start asking the right questions. 
  4. Scalability - Scalability is defined as 'readiness to grow'. Understanding how ready your business is to grow will help us get clear on the types of projects we should recommend. For this assessment, we'll issue a quick survey to your team that asks them questions on leadership, data, processes, technology and team.

These assessments will generate a bunch of insights about your business. Using our experience and expertise, we'll recommend several projects for you to consider.

Believe it or not, this entire process takes us 4-5 weeks to complete with minimal draws on your valuable timeAll of these insights and projects will be put together in a snazzy final deliverable that meets CDA requirements so you can easily review all the details we've uncovered together


THE BONUS ($13,500 of extra value)

Ah, the bonus! How could we forget? Here at Second Spring, we’ve completed a bunch of these digital adoption plans. These plans will give you great ideas for your business and will create a couple ‘aha/lightbulb’ moments for you. However, we want to make sure you start implementing the plan in your business (let’s make sure it doesn’t just sit in your desk collecting dust).

Throughout all the digital plans we’ve created, there’s one project we recommend over and over again. This project is ‘Create Digital KPI Dashboard’. We’ve found that a lot of business out there are not measuring themselves in a meaningful way. And if they are, they’re using a tedious process (likely in Excel). We want to help you change that!

As a part of your CDAP project, we’ll also throw in:

  • Training and Guidance on KPIs including: 
    • What is a KPI
    • What KPIs are highest impact for your business
    • Two working sessions to help you select your KPIs
  • Implementation of an Automated KPI Dashboard including:
    • Creation of your Executive KPI Dashboard
    • Up to 10 KPIs that are sourced from supported cloud systems or Excel/Google Sheets
    • Two dashboard views (12 month rolling and current snapshot)
    • One year of software subscription on us

KPI Dashboard Builder Proven Process

The CDAP grant covers up to 90% of your costs. Because we’re only charging $16,500 for all this work, that’s $30,000 value ($16,500 for the plan and $13,500 for the BONUS dashboard) all for $1,500 bucks! Quite the steal.

Interested in learning more? If so, please click one of (the many) ‘Schedule a Call’ CTAs on this page. Let’s spend 30 minutes and see if we’re a good fit to work together.



"...Second Spring Digital is a top-notch team that answered any questions we had and provided value to us. They showed us tools, tips and tricks and the discussion within the group has provided us value that we can implement.” 

Peter Davis, Business Development Lead Wabanaki Maple



"Creating a Digital Strategy with Second Spring was fun, engaging, and straightforward. The HotSpot team feels confident taking our next steps to grow with digital."

Phillip Curley, CEO HotSpot Parking

Phillip Curley

Second To None

"The Second Spring team is second to none when it comes to understanding our business. The work was well organized, interesting and thorough." 

Mike Milburn, CEO 3D Datacomm

Mike Milburn


“It has been a pleasure to work with the Second Spring team to develop MapleCure’s digital strategy. Our roadmap is now optimized to ensure sales growth for MapleCure and our retailers. We feel confident taking our next steps with digital.” 

Eric Caron, Co-Founder MapleCure

Eric Caron Headshot

Meet the team

"it takes one to know one"

Scott Mac

I’ve been an owner in 9 businesses over the past 20 years.  I’ve had one nice exit, and few other transactions.  I’ve acquired businesses, merged businesses in, and had to shut one down.  I know what it’s like as a business owner.  

I’ve also worked with many companies to help them grow in my 25-year career.  I’ve helped some of the largest companies in Canada as a Deloitte Consulting partner for five years, and I’ve helped over 100 business owners with their scalability since we started Second Spring in late 2019. 

Scott MacIntosh - Owner, Second Spring 

Digital Advisor and Scalability Coach

"over 100 served"


I’ve worked with over 100 business owners as a facilitator, trainer, coach and advisor since I joined SSD in 2020.  I love helping business owners to grow, scale and prosper.  

Prior to joining Second Spring, Darren developed skills in digital transformation, project management, requirements analysis, digital implementation and defining business processes.

Darren Dunn - Manager, Second Spring 

Digital Advisor and Scalability Coach