The Project Composer™ Guide

The Project Composer™ tool is used to create a vision and plan for your projects. It’s straightforward and simple, and typically takes about 30 minutes.

The tool consist of 5 easy-to-fill parts that will help you decide whether you have a solid vision of how to achieve your goals and your readiness to commit.

In Part 1 you are going to capture a vision of your eCommerce project, goals and results you set for yourself as well as a target date.

In Part 2 you will write down all the fears, challenges, obstacles, risks, and doubts that stops you now from reaching your goal. Do not try to think over them, just list as many as you can.

Part 3 is dedicated to developing the strategies to manage each resistance item that you have previously identified. Use a brainstorming technique to come up with an appropriate solution.

Part 4 is a checkpoint to re-think what have you encountered so far and answer the following questions: "Are these strategies good enough?", "Do we think we have a reasonable makings of eCommerce project that can achieve our goal and result?". If you say "Yes!", your are ready to commit and proceed to the last part of the tool - planning.

Part 5 is an actual planning for the project, where you will identify key requirements, resources, benefits, metrics, and a budget range.