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The Project Composer™


How To Commit To Your Digital Project

Most planning tools are build based on the assumption that someone like Spock is doing all the work.

We think we make all of our decisions with our rational, logical mind. The thing is – that is not how our brains work. We don’t always think simply – especially in scary times. Our automatic mind, our subconscious, is very much a part of our decisions.

So let’s use a planning tool that let’s both part of our brains participate.

The Project Composer™ is used to create a vision and plan for your projects. It’s straightforward and simple, and typically takes about 30 minutes.

“All those things that seem to oppose our goals are actually the raw material for achieving them.”

Dan Sullivan, Founder, Strategic Coach®

The Digital Fast-Forward Playbook™

2Digital FastForward Playbook AUG 2020

Get The Benefits Of Digital In The Simplest Way That Works

This playbook will cover topics such as plan, build, test and launch in a simple way to ensure that you realize benefits such as:

  • Lower predictable product costs
  • ​More effective employees
  • ​Happier customers

The Digital Capability Snapshot™

Where does your team stand on modernizing with digital?

You already now you have to "digitize" and "modernize". Yet, most companies (likely yours included) aren't so sure where to go next.

And through you might not expect it, the answer for where to start is deceptively simple: figure out where you and your people are today when it comes to modernizing with digital. Put simply, if you don't know where you're starting from, it'll be impossible to create a digital transformation plan that can actually be implemented and ensures you're taking the right steps for you. 

And that's where our Digital Capability SnapshotTM Survey can help. You get immediate insights, and it's free for individual usage.  

Find out exactly where you stand on digital today across 7 key dimensions

Digital Capability Snapshot

Through our Digital Capability SnapshotTM Survey, you can collect your team's perspective across key dimensions of digital and modernizing in general. You will receive a scored snapshot for reach of these 7 digital dimensions.

Identify your company's obstacles and opportunities to moving forward with digital

With the insights gleaned from the survey, you'll be able to find trends that imply problem areas or hidden opportunities that you may hit when mapping your way forward with digital change - for example, that your culture is going to resist digital strongly, or that your business strategy is unintentionally getting int he way. And, of course, you'll have a full understanding of where you are today so you know what you're dealing with and can plan out your next steps accordingly

The Digital Advantage Gameplan™

It's easy to get stuck when trying to add more digital technology

If you're reading this, you are likely a leader in a solid business with a proud history and a track record of making an impact within the industry. However, change is likely required to sustain the momentum. And change is hard!

To make matters worse, this isn't like the other changes you are used to. When you were adding a new manufacturing line or opening a new store, you likely had a broad base of experience to draw upon. Adding digital technology can feel different and scary. It seems so open ended, there are so many options available, and the results you will generate don't seem clear.

However, staying still is not an option either.

This ist of issues seems to be growing and it may include:

  • Disappointed customers
  • Reliance on Tribal knowledge
  • New hires struggle
  • New marketplace entrants
  • Key employees leaving
  • Change is high risk
  • Reactive
  • Can’t attract young talent
  • Business strategy is off track

You are not alone and there is a practical way to move forward

We've created our Digital Advantage GameplanTM system to help with this situation. It's a three-week series of facilitated conversations, tools, platforms, workshops and work products that accumulate to your customized, action-oriented plan. Digital Advantage Gameplan

During this 3 step process, you will:

  1. Hear Digital Insights from your key stakeholders about your digital current state and future plans.
  2. Discover a Digital Strategy Statement for your organization and uncover high-potential Focus Areas.
  3. Define and refine Initiatives, and categorize, size and rank the initiatives to generate your Digital Advantage Gameplan™

Benefits for you

You can access many benefits as you increase your industry leadership, enabled by Digital:

  • Better customer experience and relationships
  • Better employee experience and satisfaction
  • Improved brand
  • More predictable results
  • Easier to onboard new staff
  • Better margins
  • Tackle new digital opportunities
  • Business strategy being achieved
  • Higher business valuation