MasterclassThere are tons of online programs, virtual classrooms, and paid courses to choose from to learn about eCommerce. Most of these training programs focus on the ‘How’ – how to set up your online store, how to list your products, how to ship your products, etc.

At Second Spring, we decided to take a different approach to eCommerce training. We understand that eCommerce is more than just simply selling a product online. You need to understand how to attract customers, keep them satisfied, keep growing your online store, and more!

With that in mind, we’ve created the only eCommerce Masterclass program that helps you decide ‘What’ to do in every area of your eCommerce business. When you complete this eCommerce training, you’ll walk away with a complete view of all areas of eCommerce, useful tools to help guide your thinking, and a clear plan on what move to make next.

Are you interested in having a large group attend eCommerce training in a facilitated setting? We do that too!


The Project Composer

What’s included in eCommerce Masterclass:

  • Immediate access to the eCommerce Masterclass member site
  • Eight modules of eCommerce training content designed to simplify they key areas of eCommerce. All modules can be completed in an hour or so and are delivered digitally
  • A suite of 10+ valuable thinking tools to help you generate action items from each module
  • Get introduced to the eCommerce Customer Loop™ as a guide for your eCommerce journey
  • Multiple, easy to navigate support options including knowledge base, ticket, and chat-based support
  • Option to receive dedicated 1-on-1 coaching to address your specific needs


  • Demystify key eCommerce concepts such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Digital Ads (or PPC), and Customer Satisfaction
  • By understanding the full scope of eCommerce, you’ll be more effective and efficient when making decisions
  • Walk away with a broad knowledge of eCommerce across every stage of your customer’s journey with you
  • Learn how to use data to plan and monitor your growth at every stage of the eCommerce Customer Loop™
  • Learn about the benefits of a comprehensive eCommerce plan and why it doesn’t have to be so hard
  • Increase your confidence with eCommerce and feel good about picking your next action item