ecommerce Growth

We work with growth-oriented people who are focused on iterating and scaling their business model to optimize eCommerce growth. Their number one issue is - they don't have enough time to do it all. 

In these situations, we prefer our Run & Grow model to a 'big-bang' project approach. Projects often assume that there is abundant time, and that the learnings have taken place. Run & Grow lets us work with clients on a monthly basis with a fixed budget and set of agreed-to objectives.


ecommerce run & grow offerings

The available components of our Run & Grow offerings are:

  • An onboarding plan to set objectives and key results for your eCommerce program.  This gives us a North Start for our work together.
  • Setup of our easy-to-use eCommerce Key Results Dashboard™. This allows for constant tracking across all stages of eCommerce. We measure both a quantity and a quality metric in each stage.
  • Keyword Strategy and monthly Search Engine Optimization work.  The goal is to increase authority and relevance to get on page one for your target keywords.
  • Digital Ads planning, creation, operation, and optimization to increase traffic. The goal is to lower Customer Acquisition Cost.
  • eCommerce store enhancements, fixes and tweaks to improve conversion and customer satisfaction
  • An Account Prime who works with you in a hands-on fashion and is committed to your success.


  • The Second Spring team has deep experience in eCommerce and broader digital technologies. 
  • We combine management consulting, systems integration and agency skills. This breadth allows us to be your partner from start to finish on your eCommerce projects.
  • We know a broad range of SaaS platforms for eCommerce (B2B, D2C, B2C), Marketing, Analytics, Customer Service and Automation.
  • We use our proven, scalable Digital Fast-Forward Playbook™ to guide our projects.  This lets us create value quickly without cutting corners.
Ecommerce growth project implementation


Run & Grow:

  • Secure a broad array of expertise with one simple arrangement. 
  • Work from a predictable, steady budget that lines up with your cash flow.
  • Get measurable results month over month that build momentum and confidence.
  • Stay very flexible, with the ability to dial the arrangement up and down each month.
  • Have direct access to our strategy and planning expertise to optimize what you do each month. 
Implementing with Second Spring:
  • We are eCommerce experts. Our projects are laser-focused on eCommerce results.
  • We are an experienced team that has implemented solutions for many large companies.
  • We have many eCommerce planning, implementation and operational tools to accelerate your project.