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Need a Plan For eCommerce?

Want To Get Selling Quickly?

Large And Complex eCommerce?

Use our brand new method to walk away with a plan tailored to your needs - in only three weeks of elapsed time.

Use our proven gameplan to make sound decisions and start selling online in as little as four weeks.

Selling online can complicated in a larger organization. We can help you simplify. Let's discuss the Why, the What and the How.

eCommerce Growth Planner™

Tired of thinking about how you might grow your sales online, only to get immediately bogged down in the details? You’re not alone!

With our eCommerce Growth PlannerTM method, you’ll walk away with a plan tailored to your needs. You’ll have your custom plan in your hands in three weeks of elapsed time. You can immediately move into building your online store.


Here's what you'll get:

  • Create a detailed plan including schedule, resources, costs, and people change management elements
  • Use a thorough approach based on our eCommerce Customer LoopTM 
  • Charge through the process, guided by one of our certified eCommerce Growth Planner™ facilitators.
  • Clarify your options and consider all available moves before deciding where to invest
  • Have clear timelines by receiving a thorough and detailed work plan
  • Get rapid results by leveraging the Second Spring Digital tools and methods
  • Work with a team that will understand your business and your goals
  • Prepare to help your team deal with the changes eCommerce will bring to your business
  • Receive a visual summary of your plan so that you can tell at a glance where you are now and where you are heading.

The eCommerce Quick Launch Gameplan™

Are you feeling ready to sell your products and services online? Are you worried that it might be too complicated and take too long?

With our eCommerce Quick Launch Gameplan™, we focus on the basics to get you selling online quickly and efficiently. In as little as four weeks, you can launch your online store so you can start serving your customers 24/7.

Here's what you’ll get:

  • An initial planning call to ensure you and your business are understood from Day 1
  • An online store that’s tested and built with easy to use tools – no coding required!
  • Training and guides on how to use your eCommerce store to make sure you’re set up for success
  • A strong foundation to expand your online store as your business grows

Large, Complex and Enterprise eCommerce

You know that you have an opportunity to sell more online in your company. But your company is complex. Selling online feels like a big shift. There are other decision makers in your business and there is a lot of change that will need managing for your team.

We draw on our experience from working with some of the largest companies in North America to help. We know enterprise, and can help you in the right way to move you forward.

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  • eCommerce Strategy Workshops to flush out the right goals for your company. Bring your key leaders together and get everyone aligned on the mission. Dig into the reasons why "eCommerce won't work for you". Then create strategies so that you succeed
  • Custom eCommerce Planning to dig further into your business complexities. We factor in the realities of your business to create a custom approach. Then we dig deeper into your current state, your strengths and weaknesses, and the trends you need to be aware of. Together, we'll deliver a plan you can put in place for success.
  • Comprehensive eCommerce Implementations. We grew up in the world of 'program management'. We are fluent in 'systems integration'. We were 'doing digital' before it was cool. And we know change management decides what the long term success will be. Let's discuss how we can help you with your enterprise eCommerce implementation.

Have questions, or like to know more before signing up? Book an eCommerce Clarity chat with us to talk through your situation.