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Self-Service Fast-Forward™

Help Them Do It Themselves

Use our accelerated process to find high cost, high volume support transactions and move them online leveraging the Zendesk platform. Add the support flows, FAQs, messaging, chatbots, and order inquiry features to allow customers to get help from you more easily - and to even help themselves, 24x7.  Set up the processes in your company to allow you to operate effectively and continuously improve the solution.

E-Commerce Fast-Forward™

Move Revenue Online

A templated, rapid implementation plan to move more of your revenue online, or to make your first online sale if you are just getting started with selling online. Generate consistent interest in your offerings online.  Capture leads as they raise their hand.  Nurture your prospects until they are ready to buy.  Easily convert your prospects to sales, with a modern, easy-to-use e-Commerce platform, linked to a strong fulfillment solution that aligns with the capabilities in your business today.

Paper-to-Digital Fast-Forward™

Move Faster

Shred those paper-based business processes. Use our assessment to find the places where paper is slowing down your workers - and move it to the cloud.  Define the key jobs that your paper is performing for you and find new ways to meet those needs.  Set up processes to capture, store, index, modify and retrieve your key documents in a way that makes your business more scalable, better prepared for regulatory requirements, less reliant on “tribal knowledge” and more efficient.


Get the benefits of digital in the simplest way that works.

  • Lower, predictable product costs

  • More effective employees

  • Happier customers

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