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Our digital Strategy Consulting can help you with the problems that all business leaders face when adding digital.

Any of these sound familiar?

  • "There's so many digital moves I can be making, how can I focus on the right ones?"
  • "I have no idea where to start"
  • "I don't have any time! Too many priorities in other areas of the business - it's endless"
  • "Will my current technology be able to scale as my business grows?"
  • "I need to know all the digital costs before I start"
  • "Technology is complicated and I don't have time to figure it out"
  • "I need clear goals for revenue growth and return on investment from digital"

    But what if you could get clear on your next moves with digital?

    What if you could create a digital strategy aligned with your business goals?

    What if you could be ready to take action in 4 weeks or less?


"The Second Spring team is second to none when it comes to understanding our business. The Growth Planner workshop was well organized, interesting and thorough."

Mike Milburn Founder, BoxAV and CEO, 3D Datacomm

Mike Milburn

We have the perfect solution for you!

We created The Digital Growth Roadmap™ to help people like you.

It's possible to go fast AND be thorough, when you have a great method to guide you along the way. 

The Digital Growth Roadmap™ focuses on all the things needed for long term success. We'll use this simple and comprehensive approach to get clear on where you are right now with Digital. Once we understand where you are, we'll then work with you to determine the best next steps to take.

There are three stages, with three simple steps in each:

Step 1: Digital Assessment


  • Marketplace Assessment
  • Team Survey (Digital Capability)
  • Internal Assessment

Step 2: Digital Strategy


  • Leadership Point of View
  • Insights Summary
  • Growth Projections & ROI Calculation

Step 3: Digital Roadmap


  • Project Identification
  • Scope, Schedule, Budget
  • Pacing and Staging

More on what's involved in each step in a little bit...

You may be thinking that this is too complicated for you - that you're a Digital Newbie...

No need to worry! We've focused on making this whole process simple and straightforward. The key is that we use our proven tools to understand:

  • Exactly where you are today,
  • The growth digital is going to enable you,
  • and the gaps that may exist.

From here, we'll help you set objectives and prioritize them in a way that makes the most sense for you.


Perhaps you're concerned about making the time?

Many business leaders are the busiest they've ever been and time is at a premium. We know that, and we've worked hard to build a method that minimizes the draw on your time.

BUT we do need you to attend a few workshops and meetings over a four-week period.

The Second Spring team will work to create a plan that you can put in place and start getting results. Without any heavy lifting on your part.

Helped Us Grow our online sales significantly

"Within a few months, Second Spring helped us grow our online sales significantly. Their team is efficient, easy to work with, and helpful in educating us along the way as we move further into the digital landscape."

Dawn Pottier CEO Lulujo Baby Inc.

Dawn Pottier


You'll Walk away from this project with a roadmap tailored to your specific digital needs

You'll have your custom roadmap in your hands in only four weeks. You can immediately switch to implementing your plan to grow with Digital.

You'll receIve many benefits from your Digital Growth Roadmap™:

RecEIve a detailed digital plan that allows you to understand schedule, resources, costs and people impacts

Build a clear set of digital growth projections with return on investment (roi) calculations

gain clarity on your digital options and consider all available moves before deciding to invest further

have clear timelines by receiving a thorough and detailed work plan

GET rapid results by leverage the second spring tools and methods

Work with a team that will understand your business and your goals

prepare to help your team deal with the changes digital will bring to your business

Build a visual summary of your plan so that you can tell at a glance where you are now & where you're heading

Feel confident about growing your business with digital

Here's how we'll spend our time together

We'll guide you though a three-step Digital growth planning activity.

Step 1 - Digital Assessment

Marketplace Assessment

We'll conduct a Marketplace Assessment of up to five of your competitors and digital role models. Then we will compare their customer strategies to your company.

This activity will generate some eye-opening insights - "so that's how they do it!" - clients often say. The five components of The Digital Customer Loop™ will form the basis of your Marketplace Assessment report.

Digital Customer Loop
Digital Capability Snapshot


We will then conduct a Team Survey by providing our Digital Capability Snapshot™ survey to your entire team. This provides insights on how your team feels about Digital across seven key dimensions including:

  • People
  • Culture
  • Ways of Working
  • Operations
  • Technology
  • Relationships
  • Innovation

We will further slice and dice your data by providing you insights based on the following demographical elements

  • Age Range
  • Years of Service
  • Location
  • Level
  • Gender

And, we'll keep this survey data anonymous, to protect your team and have them feel confident in sharing what they really think.

Internal Assessment

Next, we create an Internal Assessment of your company. here we look at you business based on the five components of The Growth Enablement Loop™.

These People, Technology, Data, Cash, and Plan components enable the long-term growth in your Digital capability. Worse case, they can act as growth blockers if not managed

The Growth Enablement Loop

STep 2 - Digital STRATEGY

Leadership Point of View & Insights summary

We will begin by collecting the Leadership Point of View of up to five of your executive team, using our Project Composer™ tool.

This allows us to learn more about objectives for digital and key results that are required. It helps us deepen our insights generated by the assessment activities.

We will also uncover valuable "resistance items" that could get in the way if not addressed.

The Project Composer-1

Then we begin the strategy by gleaning insights from the Assessment. We will create an Insights Summary with the key findings about your Customers, your Team, and your Business.

Growth Projections & ROI Calculation

Next, we address the need for clear revenue growth goals for digital investments. And we create the return on investment calculation you will want before beginning. 

We will work with you to pick a timeframe for digital growth and set an ambitious revenue target.

Then we will dig into the drivers for digital growth with you. Together, we'll define the detailed elements required to drive your digital growth. THis allows us to create your Digital Growth Projections.

And that's the easy part. Anyone can create a 'hockey stick' chart for you.

We will keep going and define in detail what needs to happen to enable that growth.

  • What are the required marketing investments?
  • What technology will we put in place?
  • What new hires should we plan for?
  • What ongoing support is critical to optimize and grow your business, month-over-month?
  • And, what does this all COST?

We will show you the gross margin and EBITDA that you can plan for with digital. Then, we can create an ROI Calculation for your growth.

At this point, we have your high-level Digital Strategy created for the first time. And we will meet with you to get your feedback on it before turning it into a Roadmap.

STep 3 - Digital Roadmap

Project Identification

Here we organize and refine your strategy into a set of initiatives that you will need to implement

The first step is Project Identification. Here we generate some detail on the projects that bring your strategy to life. Some will be tagged to your internal team, and some will be tagged to external service providers

SCOPE, Schedule and Budget

We add Scope, Schedule and Budget estimates for each project. Then we will go a step further by identifying the impacts on your internal resources from the changes. After, we will identify the expected key results for each .

pacing and staging

Finally, we will conduct a Pacing and Staging activity. This will schedule your initiatives into a multi-year roadmap. We identify the recommended order for the initiatives and the dependencies between them. 

Lastly, we'll present your roadmap to you and finalize the plan for you to bring forward for implementation

Focused on Results

"Second Spring creates a plan in a way that is thorough, tailored and focused on results."

Andy Buyting Founder & CEO, Tulip Media Group

Andy Buyting-1


Here's How To Move Forward

The Digital Growth Roadmap™ is an action-packed four weeks. You'll work with our experienced team members using simple and effective approaches. It'll be a unique and valuable experience for you.

All you need to do is submit a simple application to tell us about your company and your digital plans. It'll take five minutes max.

Once we've reviewed your application, we will follow-up with you to create a proposal and quote.

Simple! Just click below to get started.

DON't Delay. Capacity is Limited

We are able to work with four to five businesses per month (tops) on their Digital Growth Roadmap™. It requires several of our team members each time we conduct this type of work. Our capacity gets committed quickly.

 If you want to take this step with us, please get started as soon as possible. 

Have questions?

Reach out to us on your channel of choice:

P.S. – Do you have more than 100 employees, or more than $20M in annual revenue?

If so, we need to talk about adding some deeper Digital Assessment activities. Your business has some complexity at that size, and we want to recognize that before beginning to create a Strategy.