Digital Strategy & Roadmap Services

Plan your digital-powered revenue growth. Calculate the return-on-investment you can expect from eCommerce and digital.


  • "I have no idea where to start"
  • "I don't have time to figure out digital or eCommerce"
  • "I need an idea of the costs before I start a bunch of digital projects"
  • "I need a picture of the sales growth I can expect"
  • "Another customer called, frustrated with our slow manual service"
eCommerce Strategy

Let US Guide You ON A Journey To Digital Results

  • Know where to start with digital by having clear a strategy in place
  • Receive a plan that outlines the priority, order of execution, and timeline of digital projects
  • Get clear on how digital will support your business growth and customer satisfaction
  • Understand the return-on-investment you can expect from digital
  • Achieve buy-in on technology projects from executives and colleagues 

Something Powerful

Tell The Reader 

Helping People Grow With Digital is What We do.


"Within a few months, Second Spring has helped us grow our online sales significantly. Their team is efficient, easy to work with, and helpful in educating us along the way as we move farther into the digital landscape."

Dawn Pottier CEO, Lulujo Baby Inc.

Dawn Pottier

Second To None

"The Second Spring team is second to none when it comes to understanding our business. The planning workshop was well organized, interesting and thorough."

Mike Milburn Founder, BoxAV and CEO, 3D Datacomm

Mike Milburn

Focused on Results

"Second Spring Digital creates a plan in a way that is thorough, tailored and focused on results."

Andy Buyting Founder & CEO, Tulip Media Group

Andy Buyting

Start Growing Your Business With Digital


BOOk YOUR Assessment

Book a meeting to tell us about your growth ideas and any concerns you may have.


Recieve Your Roadmap

Hire us and receive your comprehensive digital strategy and roadmap in four weeks.


Grow Your Business

Implement your projects and start your digital-powered grwoth


Here's How It'll Work

At Second Spring, we know you're the kind of person who wants to become an industry leader, powered by a great digital strategy. To be that way, you need a digital roadmap to guide your journey to bigger results. 

The problem is you're very busy, you don't want to waste money, and it's not clear where to start. This makes you feel frustrated, stuck, and worried about the future. You deserve a simple way to get a digital strategy so that you can get started on your bigger future.

We know that there's an endless number of moves you could make with digital and you don't want to make a mistake. That's why we've created a system that will provide you with a roadmap in four weeks.

Here's how the four-week process works:

1. Digital Assessment

We start by interviewing your leadership team. Then we begin assessing your company, your team and up to five competitors.

2. Digital Strategy

We use the insights captured to create your digital strategy. We include multi-year revenue projections and return-on-investment calculations.

3. Digital Roadmap

We identify the projects needed to achieve your strategy.  The roadmap incudes schedule, costs, benefits and impacts on your business.