The Digital growth canvas™ Guide

The Digital Growth Canvas™ can help you to easily evaluate the current state of your eCommerce project and set up a target for an upcoming quarter. 

This tool takes into consideration 5 stages to help grow your business: Attract, Sell, Deliver, Satisfy and Grow. Each of them consist of numerous growth levels that will reveal the full picture of the current state and where you would like to be in the near future. 

ATTRACT - take a look on your social presence, how you engage with your customers and the content you provide.

SELL - evaluate your payments related data, sales, analytics, discounts and many more.

DELIVER - assess delivery analytics, shipping, inventory, POS.

SATISFY - evaluate your customer satisfaction policies, knowledge base, surveys, self-services and ways of problem solving.

GROW - take a critical look of how you are growing your business: assess discounts and loyalty programs, organization design, team growth, process automation and internal communications.

To fill this canvas out, brainstorm and evaluate each factor's current and target state using our Scoring Levels from 0 to 4. Aspiration level will be calculated automatically based on your inputs. At the end you will have an ability to download generated PDF document based on your answers or send it via email. Also, even after submit you can make necessary changes! Just check your inbox for instructions.