About Us


Second Spring Digital was started in late 2019 in order to work with motivated leaders to grow their company's digital capabilities so they can create new, game changing opportunities without falling into the common traps that prevent making rapid progress. 

Our team has significant experience implementing digital solutions from some of the largest companies in North America and we use that experience to make an impact on organizations by generating business results with digital. 


Our Values

We are serious about the five values below and make them a priority every day:



We simplify, move fast, and balance our priorities. We build things in layers to allow us to be successful.


Great people deserve extraordinary experiences and flexible work options. We foster an inclusive workplace where they are comfortable being themselves.


We are hands-on. We learn by doing. We check and adjust daily, and we back each other up in a fluid way.


Our glass is pretty much full.  The world is full of opportunity and we select a sliver of it for ourselves.


We don't take ourselves too seriously and we enjoy the ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

A key part of any online solution is a solid FAQ section and we work with our clients to ensure a great knowledge base is a part of their overall customer service and satisfaction plan. 

Here's a lighter take on an FAQ for Second Spring Digital  😎


Scott MacIntosh

Scott MacIntosh

CEO and Founder

Scott has planned and implemented digital solutions for some of Canada’s largest companies over the past 25 years. He has particular depth in eCommerce, Marketing, CRM and Self-Service platforms. Scott is a board member for TechImpact and the Fredericton Community Foundation. In his spare time, Scott likes to ski with family and try to keep up with his son on a mountain bike.

Darren Dunn

Darren Dunn

eCommerce Solutions Lead

Darren is a technology strategist and has extensive experience in digital transformation, project management, requirements analysis, digital implementation and defining business processes. Outside of work, you can find Darren meditating, making music, hanging out with his dog or pruning his bonsai trees.


Francois Lessard

Francois Lessard

Digital Solutions Manager

Frank joins the team with a background in various technology-based platforms from CCaaS and Saas to digital banking infrastructure transformation. He brings years of professional services experience as well as traditional large corporation consulting. Frank is passionate about start-ups, supporting local businesses and woodworking.



Robyn Yao

Digital Analyst

Robyn joins Second Spring with a background in digital and enterprise solutions. Her background has influenced her passion on how the business and technology world intersect and the future of these excite her. On her off time, Robyn enjoys spending time with her friends, family & dogs, as well as watching her favorite TV show on Netflix.