A Message from the Founder

I started Second Spring Digital Inc. because I wanted to work with motivated leaders to grow their company’s digital capabilities so they can create new, game-changing opportunities, without falling into the common traps that prevent making rapid progress.

I wanted to create a company that was different, based on the following concepts:

Concept #1 - Start Small, Think Big, Grow Sensibly

One of the sayings in the startup space is, “Start small, think big, grow fast.”

Scott MacIntosh, Founder and CEO

I have applied the concept "Start Small, Think Big, Grow Sensibly" to Second Spring with a twist!

Start Slow: I am the sole founder and partner.  My wife Pam and I are the only employees at launch. 

Think Big: I have big plans for Second Spring. So we are designing scalability into the model from day one.

We are utilizing a suite of digital platforms to simplify and automate the work of running the company.

I have developed a team of outsourcers to handle many internal tasks related to finance, marketing and operations. 

And we have a network of subcontractors to let us deliver service without having to scale the employee base as a full prerequisite.

Grow Sensibly: I’d like to grow in a meaningful way.  I don’t want growth for the sake of growth, and I don’t want to get caught up in vanity metrics like number of employees, or office locations.

We are not venture backed and have not taken outside funding, so we are free to grow at the right pace to meet our objectives.


Concept #2 - Be a Great Place to Work

I have the benefit of leveraging the lessons I’ve learned from SwiftRadius – the prior company I started.

SwiftRadius was frequently recognized as a great place to work, and when I talk to people in our extensive alumni network, they reflect fondly on the time spent with our company.

I’d like to do that again. I want us to be a great place to work, for the 2020’s.

Here are some of the key elements of the culture I am designing for Second Spring:

  1. Inclusivity: An inclusive workplace where people are comfortable being themselves. We will also be a great employer for Women in Tech.

  2. Freedom: Foster flexible and remote work for the best talent.

  3. Appreciation: Top performers deserve uncommon opportunities and are driven by measured results.

  4. Great Team, Great Results: We are fanatical about our customer success. 

  5. Fun: The journey is part of the ride. Let’s enjoy it!


Concept #3 – Perfect is the Enemy of Good, In Digital

Top digital organizations know that digital is not just about implementing technology. It's about taking a comprehensive approach when making large shifts in the way a business operates.

Then it's about getting in motion by learning and continuously building a digital capability.

The true challenge facing organizations around digital is the pace at which they can successfully absorb change, move forward and grow.

Given that progress comes from motion, it is important not to waste time.

We’ve developed a set of approaches and tools that allow you to quickly assess where you are on key dimensions of Digital in order to determine the intersection points with your business strategy.

Then, the next most obvious initiatives to make progress are discovered, planned and put in motion. I prefer plans that are completed in as little as three weeks and refreshed no more than twelve months later. We have designed our approaches to work on that cadence.

For more information on why I started Second Spring Digital, please read the launch blog post on LinkedIn "How Jim Rohn Convinced Me To Launch A New Digital Company".

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